I'm back !!!

assalamualaikum.. I'm back!!!! yeahh.. itu lah tajuk yang paling semua utk entry kali ini.. yelah.. dh more then setahun dah aku x upload blog ni.. buzy jek memanjang sampai tak der mase nk mengupdate blog ni... skang ni pon tgh on job. Onboard DSV Contructor kt Northsea, Danish Sector. Of course dalam mase setahun ni dh macam2 berlaku.. my little one pon dh big gal dh skang ni.. lagi 2 dua bualan she's turn to three.. ooo.. begitu cepat masa berlalu... sampai kadang-kadang kita terlupa bahawa umur makin meningkat.. hehe.. asyik perasan muda jek.. tp paling sedey, mase aku fly datang sini, my little princess demam.. my wife cakap die demam rindu kat daddy... oo. kesian die.. everytime die dengar bunyi moto kat luar umah, she ask her mummy to open the door.. she said " daddy's coming home"... okay lah tu.. utk intro.. hehehe..

Back to work!!!

Okay. Nie second job aku utk tahun 2012. Setelah hampir 3 bulan bercuti, dan tibalah masa utk kembali bekerja. Previous job aku dengan Osiris Project kat Holyhead, UK. Hari ni merupakan hari ke-14 aku on this job.. Planned nye demobilisation on 14 July.. the aku fly home a day after.. Aku fly dari KLIA-AMS-Hamburg (Germany). Dari Hamburg drive ke Rostock tempat join vessel (Roctock Port). Perjalanan dari Hambirg ke Rostock mengambil masa lebeh kurang 2 jam melalui Autobahn. The German autobahns are the nationally coordinated motorway system in Germany. In German, they are officially called Bundesautobahn (plural Bundesautobahnen, abbreviated BAB), which translates to "federal expressways". German autobahns have no general speed limit, but the advisory speed limit (Richtgeschwindigkeit) is 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph).
Kali ni job dengan Royal Boskalis Westminster nv. Scope of work for this job is investigation and final disposal of any UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) identified along the cable channel system 153 and 154 servicing the Offshore Wind Park at Baltic Sea.
If you all nk tahu, Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging and earthmoving, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. We provide innovative all-round solutions in the energy, ports and infra markets all around the world. Refer kat sini for further info
jajan kat tv room... not good for health.:P


The BMW E90 series is the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars. The car is also available as a touring (designated as E91), coupé (E92) and coupé cabriolet (E93). The E90 is slated to be replaced in 2012 when a new 3 Series body is introduced.

BMW: E90 325i (EUR)
YEAR: 2005–2007
ENGINE: 2.5 L I6
POWER: 218 PS (160 kW; 215 bhp)
TORQUE: 250 N·m (184 lb·ft)
ACCELERATION (0-100 KMH): 7.0 s

The straight-six engine or inline-six engine (often abbreviated I6) is a six cylinder internal combustion engine with all six cylinders mounted in a straight line along the crankcase. The single bank of cylinders may be oriented in either a vertical or an inclined plane with all the pistons driving a common crankshaft; in vehicles where this engine is installed inclined versus vertical, it is sometimes called a slant-six engine. The straight-six layout is the simplest engine layout that possesses both primary and secondary mechanical engine balance, resulting in relatively low manufacturing cost combined with much less vibration than engines with fewer cylinders.

M Sport cars have a muscular bodykit, larger alloys, lowered suspension, sports front seats and aluminium trim.

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14 July 2011

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur ke hadrat Allah S.W.T kerana masih diberi peluang untuk bernafas dan meneruskan kehidupan bersama family tercinta.. Hari ini, genap usiaku 30 tahun.. Org kata dh join geng '3 series'... Alhamdullilah.. kerana dikurniakan sebuah kehidupan yang sempurna.. sebuah keluarga yang bahagia..

"Gambar kek ni di ambil semasa birthday aku yang ke-24.. mase ni my office mate wat suprise.. depa saja usik aku letak "happy besday yg ke-30".. btw thanks to Abber ngn Kitam yg arrange utk besday suprise tu.... amik gmbar using my first smart phone PDA O2 mini.. "

Recently Job

yup... my last job was in Grimsby, Uk. Geophysical survey for wind farm development.
Aku fly dari Dublin ke Leeds Bradford. Lps tu drive dari Leeds Bradford Airport ke Grimsby dalam 2 jam..

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used for production of electric power. At the start of 2011, the installed capacity of wind power in the United Kingdom was over 5.2 gigawatts (GW) (1 GW = 1000 MW)[1] and the UK is ranked as the world’s eighth largest producer of wind power.